Vein disorders are among the most common conditions affecting people of all races.

— Society of Interventional Radiology
Varicose veins affect 1 out of 2 people age 50 and older, and 15 to 25% of all adults. That's 20-25 million Americans!

— Venous Disease Coalition
Approximately half of the U.S. population has venous disease – 50 to 55% of women and 40 to 45% of men. Of these, 20 to 25% of the women and 10 to 15% of men will have visible varicose veins.

— Society of Interventional Radiology

Endovenous Laser Treatment for Venous Insufficiency

Mechanism of Action

The Pro-V laser uses a 1319 nm wavelength, the optimal wavelength for fast and comfortable endovenous laser ablation. Absorption of laser light occurs in water within the vein and vein wall, and the heat generated by absorption of laser energy contracts and collapses the vein wall. This halts the formation of future varicosities and results in complete vessel closure. With blood flow to the insufficient vein interrupted, the pooling and bulging that causes varicose veins will begin to subside. The ablated vein is absorbed by the body and blood circulation redirects itself to healthy veins.


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Marlin W. Schul, MD, RVT, FACPh

Lafayette, IN

"The 1319 nm Pro-V laser was one of the best purchases I have made for my practice and my patients. The open platform allows a tailored approach to every patient and helps to reduce our cost per case. The customer service and professional support from Sciton has proven to be truly exceptional."

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