One of the major contributors to wrinkles is spending too much time in the sun.

— Mayo Clinic
Almost 3 million botox and laser skin resurfacing procedures were performed in 2010 in the United States.

— The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Americans spent over $5.7 billion on anti-aging cosmetic procedures in 2010.

— American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
The total estimated number of aesthetic procedures related to treating aging skin and wrinkles is over 20 million in 2008.

— The Aesthetic Guide

Wrinkle Reduction

Mechanism of Action

Ablative and non-ablative laser can create thermal tissue injury which initiates the wound-healing process. Plumping the skin and correcting skin imperfections. After a procedure, visible wrinkles, scars, tone and texture soften or are eliminated.


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Jay Burns, MD

Dallas, TX

"I used CO2 from 1995 until 2000. Then I switched to Sciton’s dual mode erbium and I have stayed with it ever since. I have been much happier with the Sciton laser than anything I’ve ever done with CO2. And while I’ve tried erbium lasers from other manufacturers, the Sciton system is the one I prefer."

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