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Don't let the Summer slow your Moxi treatments down!

Help Promote Moxi—Sciton’s Summer Laser Treatment for a Chance to Win Giveaway!

Keep treating patients this summer with Moxi™ - Sciton's 1927 nm fractionated non-ablative laser for all skin types! Join us, as we educate patients on why Moxi is the perfect go-to summer-time skin care treatment for glowing, youthful skin.

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Got a Great Moxi B&A? 
Upload to Instagram with #SummerofMoxi for the chance to win!

3 B&A's will be chosen to win BIG! No limit on how many times you can enter!
(Full contest details below)

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Social posts for you to use.

AND make your own fresh content!

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Help us educate patients by posting your Reels on social to help spread the word to patients about why Moxi is safe for all skin types and during the summer... Together we can spread the word about the Summer of Moxi!

Summer logo of Moxi

Use our custom Giphy stickers on IG by searching "sciton" to spice up your content!

Prizes and Winners Will Be Announced on 
September 15

Prizes and winners items

First Prize Package (Valued at over $3k)

  • Summer of Moxi swag: t-shirts & hats
  • Moxi neon sign (small)
  • Moxi tips (20)
  • Velez Masks (20)

Second Prize Package (Valued at over $1.3k)

  • Moxi neon sign (small)
  • Moxi tips (10)
  • Velez masks (10)

Third Prize Package (Valued at $870)

  • Moxi neon sign (small)
  • Moxi tips (5)
  • Velez masks (5)

Rules to Qualify to Win:

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Patient must sign the Sciton photo release form download here

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Treatment settings must be provided

Camera icon

Must be able to submit full high-res photos which are approximately 300 dpi, 1800x1200, 6 MB in size

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Lighting and positioning are consistent between the before and after

  • No makeup. Fillers & Botox are OK; please notate

Together we can make this THE 

Summer logo of Moxi